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Designing an original or unique wedding cake requires talent and refined artistic skill-sets, just like a painter, artist, songwriter or sculpture.

All of these individuals have a certain styles brought about from their different life’s experiences, training and likings.

Similarly, talented baker/designers love to work in one medium more than others, and that experience carries over the “originality” of the wedding cakes they create.

If you are looking for bridal cakes that are original and unusual, you’ll typically hear baker/designers talk in terms of phrases like the following…

  • “Well now, 90% of my wedding cakes are made with rolled fondant.”
  • “I have a lot of experience with designs taken from wedding dresses.”
  • “I’ve learned to master beautiful hand-made sugar flowers on bridal cakes. The techniques I use are not found in any other bakery, anywhere.”
  • “I don’t copy designs from books, magazines, or the Internet. They are all original.

A word of caution about “original” wedding cakes.

Just because they are original doesn’t mean they’ll be more beautiful or stunning then a predesigned cake you’ve seen on the Internet or in a baker/designers showroom.

You’ll need to visit baker/designers to view their displays and photographs, before you cast your judgment of their originality, and professional decorating abilities.

Anyone can talk about their specialty and experience, but for all you know, a baker/designer might have been selling used cars last week, and now claims to be an experienced cake designer.

Take the time to do your homework. If you don’t want to take any chances, find wedding cakes that are shown on the Internet and have a baker/designer replicate the design for you.

Be prepared to pay considerably more for an original design over the cost of a predesigned bridal cake. A designer will spend much more time sketching and refining a cake of your liking than choosing a predesigned one that only requires limited alterations.

If a baker/designer has already created a bridal cake once, the second time they know how long it will take them and how much material cost is involved. It only makes sense the price will be less.

Also, a baker/designer’s reputation will factor into the overall prices you can expect to pay for an original design. Very creative designers are in high demand and charge premium prices, just like any good artist.

I suggest you read the article WEDDING CAKE DESIGNER (or refer to “How To Buy The Picture-Perfect Wedding Cake…GUARANTEED!) to understand the 4 types of designers and choose one that fits your budget. Most likely you’ll have to choose someone who owns a cake shop, cake boutique, or even works from their home to work with a person who has a lot of creative juices.

Working with a designer to create an original wedding cake can take considerable time. Whereas many brides place an order for their wedding cake 3-6 months in advance, you’ll want to contact the baker/designer of your choice in as far in advance as possible.

Plan on taking extra time working with your designer to develop the perfect wedding cake. Most likely this will include a few trips to their place of business and/or several emails ironing out details.

In summary, an original wedding cake can be a fabulous choice, but it requires extra effort and a larger budget. In addition, don’t assume it will look better than a photo you found on the Internet.

An original design simply means it’s the first time your chosen cake artist has created the concept you’ll receive.


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