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Most of the time you should decide on a wedding cake design first and then choose a wedding cake topper that goes with the design of the cake.

We did find instances where brides received wedding cake toppers as an engagement or bridal shower gift. The bride then took the ornament to a bakery to create a wedding cake that took design elements from the topper. This approach to designing a wedding cake is not done very often, although it is an unusually creative idea.

Here is a basic rule-of-thumb; 90% of all wedding cake toppers will look beautiful on any wedding cake.

Generally, it becomes a personal taste decision, not a design conflict.

Here’s another interesting side note to our research; we were astonished to find the majority of brides choose fresh flowers as a topper for their wedding cake because…it didn’t require any additional effort to finish the wedding cake.

In essence, it didn’t require any further shopping or time making another judgment call.

Brides told us by the time they order their wedding cake they are so tired of making choices, they don’t want to spend a lot of time making a decision for their cake topper. So, they make a simple choice of using fresh flowers.

Here’s a suggestion. If you want to standout from the crowd, get a wedding cake topper that fits your personality.

You’ll find many companies that sell all sorts of traditional bride and groom toppers. There are also scores of companies that make custom one-of-a-kind toppers. It all depends on your budget and sense of style. Here in 2011, monograms are very popular as well as contemporary couples and specialty toppers.

To help you locate companies that sell a wide diversity of wedding cake toppers, the research team at has put together a free resource listing for their 50 favorite wedding cake topper companies.

It is continuously updated and kept current. (If you locate one or more companies that are not on our list, please let us know at

In addition to doing a search for “wedding cake topper,” here is a list of wedding cake topper keyword phrases that will help you locate additional specialty wedding cake topper companies:

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We would like to acknowledge portions of this article are reprinted with permission from IGR Communications publisher of “How To Buy The Picture-Perfect Wedding Cake…GUARANTEED!”

If you would like more information about wedding cake toppers, you can receive a FREE download of the entire book “How To Buy The Picture-Perfect Wedding Cake…GUARANTEED!” ($39.95) on the home page of The book includes 39 questions and answers about the design of your bridal cake including questions and answers about wedding cake toppers.


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