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As no surprise, brides tell us choosing their wedding cake design is the most enjoyable part of ordering a wedding cake.

Of course, it all begins by looking at wedding cake pictures. Most brides begin looking for ideas on the Internet and bridal magazine before they begin visiting bakers.

Although brides are noticing many high-end wedding cakes in bridal magazines and major wedding websites, through our research, 86% of brides are looking for current, mainstream, and affordable wedding cakes.

For this discussion, we will address “wedding cake pics” found on the Internet.

On average, many of the wedding cake photos you’ll find using a search for wedding cake pics seem to be priced higher than what your average baker/designer charges.

Nationally, we found the average bride pays about $450-$650 for their wedding cake.

But, the average price of Internet wedding cake photos and what you see in bridal magazines average about $3.50-$7.00 per slice or $525-$1050.

Here’s an explanation of why prices of wedding cakes you see on the Internet tend to be higher than what a bakery offers in their showroom.

If you owned a cake shop or bakery and displayed wedding cake designs on your website, would you put up images of average wedding cakes? We’re guessing you probably wouldn’t.

If you were trying to separate yourself from your competitors would you place wedding cake photos exclusive to your bakery? We’re guessing you probably would.

A cake shop owner knows brides from all over are looking at their wedding cakes. They want to put the most interesting, different, and high-priced cakes on the Internet to grab the attention of a prospective bride.

Their website is similar to a huge billboard saying, “Look at me…Look at me! Come to my store!”

Here’s what we found after doing research on close to 200 bakeries listed in the yellow pages of 25 major US cities. Generally, baker/designers who had up-to-date and professionally designed websites were priced somewhat higher.

Please keep in mind, baker/designers who promote themselves on the Internet, in the yellow pages and at bridal shows might be priced a little higher, but they tend to be more reputable and reliable.

What baker/designer would invest thousands and thousands of dollars on all that expensive marketing and then be a substandard wedding cake provider?

Obviously, you can simply use a search engine like Google to locate thousands of wedding cake images. However, if you are looking for wedding cake pics from a particular cake artist or bakery, there isn’t a quick and easy solution. You’ll need to spend some time searching.

In addition, wedding cake pictures from some really good designers do not even show up within the first 30 pages of search results for “wedding cake,” “wedding cakes,” “wedding cake pictures,” “wedding cake pics, or “wedding cake photos.”

To give you an alternative to the search engines, the research team at has a list of their favorite 100 wedding cake websites for wedding cake pics.

Please take a look. It is continuously updated. If you find bakeries you believe should be listed for consideration, please let us know:


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