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Most brides still believe they only need to judge a wedding cake baker based on three things; how good their cakes look, how great they taste and price.

Although that method worked five or ten years ago, today there are so many individuals and baker/designers making wedding cakes, that simple recipe doesn’t work any longer.

Buying a wedding cake “in today’s world” also requires judging bakers by their wedding cake practices and standards.

This is a brand new and exciting concept turning the wedding cake industry on it’s head.

In other words, you want to find a baker/designer who can “prove” themselves worthy of your business. For example, most baker/designers are extremely reluctant to give you a written guarantee.

The baker/designers who know they do a fabulous job…will proudly stand behind their wedding cake.

When you combine the way a baker’s cakes look and taste, along with how they demonstrate their competence, dependability and trustworthiness…you have an innovative winning combination!

As odd as this might sound, until 2009, there has never been a set of quality standards for the wedding cake industry.

However, that all dramatically changed in 2008, with the release of the book “How To Buy The Picture-Perfect Wedding Cake…GUARANTEED!”

The book has totally changed the landscape of how brides buy wedding cakes and how baker/designers need to address a bride’s “REAL” wants.

The book puts into words what bakers should be doing for you, instead of what they simply want to offer.

The standards brought up in the book are clearly marked sign posts for choosing bakers who are willing to do everything possible to make you feel comfy and confident you’ve chosen the best baker.

Unfortunately, all too often, many baker/designers don’t want to provide the type of service discussed in the book. Why? They are not interested in providing “great” service. They are content giving “mediocre” customer service, because it’s easier.

Here’s a key philosophical point; If a person who owns or manages a bakery/cake shop does not possess the mindset to be the “greatest,” seriously, how great do you think you’ll be treated?

Take the time to find a baker who has the standards discussed in “The Bible To Ordering A Fabulous Wedding Cake.” You’ll be served well and you’ll be glad you did.

In addition, has recently began working with an organization that will help you locate these capable and trustworthy baker/designers.

They are called “Gold Standard Wedding Cake Bakers Of America” Please watch the video.

Finally, you’ll be able to locate baker/designers who believe following a set of standards and business practices for “your benefit” is a tremendous step in the right direction for all wedding cake providers.

These dedicated baker/designers are eager to serve you in a manner you’re going to love.

Make an appointment with one or two of them and see for yourself.

In conclusion, buying a wedding cake isn’t as simple as it was 5 or 10 years ago.

In fact, the one comment brides tell us is, “I didn’t know there were so many decisions to make.”

Bear in mind, while you’ll make many decisions about your bridal cake, the most important decision is choosing your wedding cake baker. Choose well my friends!


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