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Do Brides Regret Not Getting A Groom’s Cake?

Let’s face it…weddings can be expensive. Many brides and their parents are looking for ways to cut their wedding expenses without taking away anything from such a joyous occasion.

Which partly explains why less than 20% (Survey November 2010) of brides currently incorporate a groom’s cake.

With this in mind, we asked 10,400 brides why they didn’t order a groom’s cakes. Here are the top 5 responses:

  • “My mother felt we were already spending enough on the wedding cake.”
  • “Since very few couples order groom’s cakes, what’s the point? No one will miss it or expect it.”
  • “He (the groom) doesn’t know the difference, so why get one?”
  • “I didn’t think it was necessary.”
  • “We already had enough cake.”
But here’s the big surprise.

A majority of brides we interviewed, now regret their decision. They wish they would’ve had one.

Interesting, we found most brides had their minds made up “not to have a groom’s cake” even before they began shopping for their bride’s cake.

This revelation probably goes far beyond having a groom’s cake. It could explain why many brides don’t have an open mind toward having other items for their wedding and reception.

We theorize tradition and trends carry a lot of weight. For example, videographers were a must have from 1995-2005. Having balloon bouquets were also the in thing from about 1990 through 2005. Even the newest craze photo booths are slow to catch on. If the major bridal websites are not pushing it as a must have, most brides won’t.

And, even though groom’s cakes have never caught fire, they have been used by brides and grooms for at least the last 60 years, primarily in the Southern and Midwest US.

At we believe groom’s cakes are underrepresented. So, we have a section dedicated to groom’s cakes ideas. Hopefully, these photos will help you find something exciting and give you ideas for something your spouse will love.

In our research, we have found it is easiest to categorize groom’s cakes into three categories. They are a “traditional style,” a moderately decorated “interesting style,” or one that “blows the roof off” your reception style.

A “traditional style” is typically a sheet cake or tiered chocolate cake with a wedding type of decoration, using swags, swirls, polka dots and buttercream flowers or draped with chocolate covered strawberries. These will cost the least.

An “interesting” style are usually shaped cakes, or 3-D cakes such as a football, camera, guitar, or beer can. These will price somewhere in the middle.

Ones that “blow the roof off” off your reception are cakes in the shape of complete football stadiums, replicas of cars, 4 foot blue marlins, cruise ships, or other gigantic structures. Of course, these will cost the most.

If you run across a website or two with fantastic groom’s cakes photos, let us know. Post a message at

The next step is to take these groom’s cakes ideas to a baker/designer to determine which designs they are capable of making or choose an idea the designer has already done before.

Finally, the majority of brides we interviewed were delighted with their decision to have a groom’s cake. Many of them even admitted the groom’s cake gained more attention than the bride’s cake.


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