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Brides Keep Asking—Should I Have A Grooms Cake?

Many brides told us they are seeking ways to cut their overall wedding related expenses. In some instances, the grooms cake gets eliminated because brides and their mothers feel guests won’t either know they were thinking about having one or would not miss it anyway.

But here’s something surprising; The majority of recent brides we interviewed, now wished they would have purchased one.

Here’s why. In the time since their own weddings, they have been to other weddings, where they had a groom’s cake and saw how the guests reacted to them. Most of those brides were amazed by the buzz they created. In fact, they said many times the guests talked more about the groom’s cake than the bridal cake.

We believe your bridal cake should be the focal point of the reception. However, having a groom’s cake can really add to the overall guest experience, especially if you have a groom’s cake that is very creative.

If you decide to get one, consider the three types of grooms cakes. Do you want to choose a traditional style, a moderately decorated interesting style, or one that will blow the roof off your reception?

A good way to see some ideas for groom’s cakes is to do a Google search for the terms “grooms cakes,” “grooms cake,” “bridal grooms cakes” or “groom cake.”

Here are some of the most widely used themes when it comes to groom’s cakes:
  • In sports it’s fishing, deer hunting, football, golf, sailing, baseball, ice hockey, snow skiing, water skiing, jet skiing, mountain climbing, pool tables,
  • In music it’s guitar, piano, bass, violin, and saxophones.
  • In gambling it’s poker, blackjack, craps and slot machines.
  • Other ideas include animal shapes, western themes such as hats and boots, stacks of books, movie themes, college mascots, military themes, any and all vehicles, liquor bottles, tuxedos, candy bars, and vacation destinations.

Another suggestion is to see the groom’s cake videos at

Then take your ideas to your baker/designers to find out which ideas your designer can make…or choose one they have already made before.

So, take a look at some of the clever ideas on the Internet. We think you’ll agree, there are some grooms cake designs that are sure to bring a smile from your wedding guests.

Here are a couple important tips: Make sure your grooms cake does not overpower the bride’s cake. Either put your groom’s cake on a separate table or make sure it isn’t larger than 25% the size of your bride’s cake.

In addition, the grooms cake should be placed either to the side of the brides cake or slightly to the side and back from the wedding cake.

Also, be aware of the size of your bridal cake and/or grooms cake. Let the reception site know what cakes you’ll be having so they properly size the tables.

Many brides told us, the reception site crammed both the bridal and groom’s cake onto one round table that looked inappropriate.

You can avoid this by preplanning with your reception site manager. To help you, there is a special layout and placement guide in the appendix section of "How To Buy The Picture-Perfect Wedding Cake…GUARANTEED!" Your baker can fill this out and you can give it to your reception site manager. Then, you’ll feel confident your cakes will be properly displayed.


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