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Choose A Wedding Cake Ornament That Suits Your Individuality

The wedding cake ornament has improved immensely in looks and quality since the year 2000. In addition, there are literally twenty times the companies and individuals producing them.

You can find everything from traditional couples, to themed couples such as western wear, military uniforms, and motorcycle riding couples and gay couples. You may even choose cutesy pigs, cows, ducks, bunnies, and Ma and Pa Kettle couples.

The popular fad for wedding cake toppers over the last 3 years has been monogram initials, either one larger, one for the couple’s last name, or three initials, two smaller initials for the couples’ first names, and one larger initial for their last name.

A large variety of options are bringing brides back to using a wedding cake ornament.

If you would like your wedding cake to standout from other wedding cake designs, choose a wedding cake topper that fits your individuality and adds interest to your wedding cake.

In most instances, consider a decision on your wedding cake design first…and then choose a wedding cake ornament.

As a common guide-line; 90% of all wedding cake toppers will look great on top of any wedding cake.

More often than not, it is a personal preference issue, not hinged on a design decision.

Be sure to discuss your wedding cake ornament with your baker/designer, and ask their opinion as to how you can use one that will “fit-in” to your overall wedding theme.

Remember, anyone can place fresh flowers on top of a wedding cake and make it look beautiful. But when you choose an unusual or unique wedding cake top that is interesting, you will create a memorable “WOW” factor in the eyes of your guests.

For more information on wedding cake toppers, you can you can use a search engine like Google to search keyword phrases such as wedding cake ornaments, wedding cake toppers, wedding cake tops, wedding cakes toppers.

And/or you can download the free clickable list for The Best 30 Websites For Wedding Cake Ornaments.

Also, over the course of the last five years, brides have been choosing “sugar-paste” flowers to adorn their bridal cake in place of fresh flowers. Sugar-paste flowers are flowers typically made from “rolled fondant” or “gum paste.”

If you choose sugar-paste flowers on your brides cake, most of the time, you’ll use them for the wedding cake top as well. It is highly unusual to use sugar paste flowers for your wedding cake ornament and then use fresh flowers on the rest of the cake or vice-versa.

If your budget is conservative, a sugar paste ornament is probably out of reach. They can range from a simple large flower that may cost $30 to a very elaborate beautifully arranged selection that could easily top $500.

Sugar paste can also be used to make all types of figurines to top your wedding cake. Normally, if it can be made out of ceramic or plastic it can be made out of sugar paste or other types of edible sugar products like modeling chocolate or pastillage.


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