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In this article we’ll briefly talk about the four different categories of wedding cake designers and some help to decide which type of wedding cake artist you should consider.

For a full explanation refer to the book “How To Buy The Picture-Perfect Wedding Cake…GUARANTEED!”

First, let’s see how you assess yourself.

Which particular “personality profile” do you belong? (This will help you understand the emotional value you attach to your wedding cake and how much you will probably budget for your cake.)

(This theory is based upon research conducted by wedding cake researcher Mr. Ed Otto.

This tool was initially developed to help bakers understand the types of bride they were servicing. In effect, a tool that would help the wedding cake designer steer you toward wedding cakes that were in your budget range.

Mr. Otto found through his surveys brides do not want to spend time looking at wedding cakes they cannot afford or going to bakeries that did not have the types of wedding cakes the bride was looking for.

This resulted in brides wasting their time going to designers that didn’t meet their particular needs and bakers being frustrated because they felt like they were wasting their time with indecisive brides.)

With the assistance of this tool, you can pre-evaluate yourself and make appointments with the type of designer who most likely will be your best fit.

  1. Easy-Going (You will probably budget the least. Baker/Designer types 1 or an average category 4 decorator are most likely your best venues for shopping)
  2. Selective (In all probability, you will budget an average amount. Baker/Designer types 2 or 3 are most likely your best venues for shopping)
  3. Complex (You will almost certainly budget more than the average bride-to-be. Baker/Designer types 2 or 3 are most likely your best venues for shopping.)
  4. Unique (You will budget the most. Head straight for Baker/Designer 3 or a fabulous category 4 decorator.

Now, which type of Baker/Designer are they? Circle one. (Remember, you need to compare apples to apples…for pricing, probable quality and budgeting purposes)

  • 1) Grocery store type bakery.
  • 2) Retail Bakery.
  • 3) Specialty cake shop, boutique cake store or cakery.
  • 4) Home cake decorator.
Further, for each group you’ll want to compare:
  • (a) Cake flavors, fillings, frosting types.
  • (b) Variety of wedding cake styles.
  • (c) Cake designer’s ability
  • (d) Price
  • (e) Reliability.

While there are many other factors in choosing a wedding cake designer, this is a good starting point.

If you will follow just these two basic premises, you’ll save time, money and become more decisive in your quest to find the wedding cake designer that is right for you.

One other suggestion, you might want to make one appointment with each type of wedding cake designer. Then, determine for your particular city or geographic region who gives you the better value.

From all the previous positive responses we’ve had from brides, this tool appears to be very useful.

Please let us know at how effective this aid was for you.


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