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Yes, There Are Many Wedding Cake Photos Online But How Do You Find A Baker/Designer To Do Them?

You’ll find a large variety of wedding cake images online, especially if you Google the search term wedding cake or wedding cakes and then click on images.

But, what then?

Your next step is to search for the best decorator, designer, cake artist or what we like to call a “Baker/Designer” to recreate your chosen wedding cake photo. Since baker/designers are not required to be “certified,” how can you find the best-qualified one?

For all you know, the person you choose to make your cake was selling shoes last week. Now they call themselves a “Cake Artiste.” Don’t laugh many cake decorators have other full or part-time jobs that are completely unrelated to the field of art.

While helps you find qualified baker/designers through its “Gold Standard Wedding Cake” program, there are two reputable entities that test cake decorators. First, there is “The Retail Bakers of America” (RBA). A decorator can be voluntarily tested to receive a designation of “Certified Decorator (CD). This designation is used throughout the entire US.

If you find a Baker/Designer who has been certified from the RBA as a CD, you can feel fairly confident they are committed to the field of cake decorating.

We could not locate any states or municipalities who required testing.

Outside the RBA, you’ll discover only one other organization that tests cake designers for a certification. It’s called the International Cake Exploration Societe (ICES). This organization has members worldwide.

ICE’S promotes advancement of the sugar arts, and their members comprise the gambit of cake decorators from “newbies” to advanced “sugar artists.”

They offer testing to become a “certified sugar artist” or a “certified master sugar artist.” The test to become a master sugar artist is very thorough…so if a Baker/Designer claims to be an ICES certified master sugar artist, they are exceptionally qualified as a cake decorator.

Note: Because they are qualified as a decorator to work for someone else, doesn’t mean they are qualified to run their own cake shop. Testing is only for the skills of decorating.)

We did locate grocery store chains and bakeries that require standardized testing for cake decorators, but mostly, the standardized testing was for entry-level skill-sets only.

It is the lack of any type of standards in the wedding cake industry that makes it important for you to do your homework. Your best bet is to find someone with a lot of cake decorating experience or someone with an art degree or an art related background who has a few years of cake decorating experience.

Finding photos of wedding cakes is a good start. But you’ll need someone who is qualified to do the “degree of difficulty” factored within the photo. Some photos of wedding cakes do not take much talent while others require advanced skills. The only way to know for sure is to take the photo to a cake designer and find out.

Coming soon, the video: How Bakeries Really Price Wedding Cakes. This video will take a comprehensive look at simple to difficult designs and discuss many factors bakers use to price wedding cakes. By the time you finish watching, you’ll understand how much you can expect to spend on your wedding cake.)

In ending, have a lot of fun looking for photos of wedding cakes. Just remember to spend as much time finding a qualified baker/designer to recreate it for you. For more help watch the two videos on the homepage of


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