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This article will be a discussion about how you should think about choosing a wedding cake bakery.

It contains a startling discovery about the mindset of too many wedding cake bakery owners.

The finding was so surprising it became the main catalyst for the start-up of

Over the last 6 years Mr. Ed Otto, author of “How To Buy The Picture-Perfect Wedding Cake…GUARANTEED!” found brides were not receiving all the customer service they should.

Don’t misunderstand us, bakers weren’t purposely short-changing you, they just didn’t know any better.

Bakers and cake artists, for the most part, have been serving brides with the same type of customer service for the last 40-50 years. There has never been a single coach or consultant to help wedding cake bakers outside of their associations.

Because of the research conducted by Ed Otto and his staff with over 13,000 brides, customer service for brides has been forever altered. (These discoveries are new and implemented by only a handful of wedding cake bakeries around the USA. is here to help you find those wedding cake designers.)

The research revealed many customer service issues brides expected, but were not receiving by a majority of bakers.

To demonstrate my point, Mr. Otto was absolutely floored when he revealed what brides really wanted from wedding cake bakers and presented the results to large bakeries, small bakeries, baker/designers working from their home, chain grocery stores, country clubs, and caterers outside of our competitive region.

To his complete amazement, most of them were not interested in what the research revealed.

Here is what he heard all too often, “For years I or we have been helping brides our way and it seems to be working fine. We feel like the job we’re going is “good enough.”

For him that was a around about way of saying, “we don’t care want brides “really” want. We’re only interested in helping them “OUR” way.”

So, “How can they not care enough to give you a better wedding cake experience? How can they believe that “good enough” is…FINE?”

Of course, this begs the question, “good enough” for whom…them or you?

Does it mean only 2 out of 10 brides grumbled about their wedding cakes this past week…is that “good enough?”

Does it mean that 50% of the wedding cakes were delivered on time…is that “good enough?”

Does it mean Sarah decorated the wedding cakes this weekend instead of Pamela, although she has never decorated a wedding cake or groom’s cake before…is that “good enough?”

The real truth: Most wedding cake bakers have never been formally trained in customer service or sales. Surveys with over 13,000 brides (Jan 2004 through Dec 2010) proves most bakers do not really understand what you want or what they should be doing to provide you with A+ service.

The bakers who provide A+ exceptional customer service while keeping their prices fair are easy to find with just a little help. You are highly advised to get a copy of “How To Buy The Picture-Perfect Wedding Cake… GUARANTEED! or download the FREE materials at WeddingCake.Org on the home page.

To further your knowledge for choosing a wedding cake baker, read the article “WEDING CAKE DESIGNER” at to understand the 4 types of wedding cake designers or wedding cake bakers to choose from.

Remember, there is much more for choosing a good wedding cake bakery than meets the eye.


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