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Are Wedding Cake Plateaus In Style?

Yes, one apparent reason; 95% of today’s brides are getting their cake tiers stacked together instead of using tier separators. This new trend has pushed up their popularity by 25% in approximately the last 3 years.

In essence, wedding cakes stands have replaced tier separators in order to give a bride’s cake greater height.

In order to hold the entire weight of your bridal and/or groom’s cake, wedding cake plateaus are usually constructed from a material that can usually carry a weight of between 15lbs and 150 lbs.

Every baker/designer we’ve talked to says they carry wedding cakes plateaus…but the overall selections are quite limited.

After contacting 50 rental stores, we found their selections are also limited. Typically because of two reasons: First, the majority of brides are not using them and second, there are a limited amount of companies that make them.

If you decide to rent a wedding cake plateau, rental prices range from $20 to $100, and will require a deposit. Deposits range from $50 to $500, depending upon the original price of the plateau.

Some baker/designers include plateaus with the price of your wedding cake, while others rent plateaus as an “add-on” item. Discuss these options with every baker/designer you visit.

If you return your wedding cake plateau on time…clean and undamaged, you should receive your entire deposit back.

If you do not return it on time, typically after three business days or four calendar days, you’ll be charged a late fee, in the 25% range.

If you return it caked with frosting, be prepared to pay some sort of cleaning fee. If you return it damaged or broke, expect to lose a portion or your entire deposit.

Pay close attention to the wedding cake agreement, as the above conditions should be pointed out to you by the baker/designers you interview or have hired.

If you would like to purchase a wedding cake plateau, simply do a search for the keywords of wedding cake stands, wedding cake plateaus or wedding cakes stands. also has their recommended favorite sites for wedding cake plateaus that will save you some time searching.

If you read the article about wedding cake toppers, you’ll notice we state most wedding cake toppers will look great on top of any wedding cake. This is not the case with wedding cake plateaus.

When a baker/designer creates a fashionable bridal cake, many times they will either choose a plateau that enhances the look of the bride’s cake or they will construct a plateau specifically for a particular bridal cake.

Once again, it becomes a budgetary decision. In our opinion, if you have some discretionary money for your wedding, a custom plateau specifically constructed for your wedding cake design looks stunning and really adds to the overall visual impact.

Please note; having a custom made plateau for your bridal cake is far from the norm. In interviewing over 200 bakers, only 23 offered them.

Furthermore, having a custom made plateau is like “commissioning” a painting. You’ll have to trust the designer to create one that you’ll love and works with the design of the cake. Expect to pay $100 for something simple and up to $1000 for something complex.


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