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Wedding Cake Industry Whistleblower Ed Otto Offers Brides Insider Secrets and Pioneers $10,000 Cake Guarantee

Wedding cake maestro Ed Otto blows the whistle on the wedding cake industry and offers brides a $10,000 cake guarantee. Although Kim Kardashian has given Kanye West total control over their wedding plans, Kanye may learn a thing or two from Otto.

OMAHA, NE – Wedding cake maestro Ed Otto is fed up with the unreliability that brides suffer through when buying a cake for their special day. “The industry is out of control and I hate to see brides get ripped off,” says Otto, co-founder of, and owner of The Cake Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska.

Otto hears lots of wedding disaster stories from brides that come to him for help. The worst stories involve the designer cancelling the cake order the same week of their wedding, losing their order, and going out of business.

“Lost orders and horrible customer service are the reasons why I pioneered the $10,000 cake guarantee,” explains Otto. “If I lose a cake order, I’ll pay the bride $10,000 plus the price of the cake.

Kanye West, often described as an obsessive-compulsive control freak, has been given complete control over the wedding planning by his fiancée Kim Kardashian. Even with West’s celebrity status, he’s just as susceptible to poor service and not getting a guarantee as the average person.

“Brides don’t just want a cake, they want professional advice. They expect cake designers to be the expert. But that’s not how it works in this industry,” explains Otto. “Brides need to take control of the process and that’s what I help them do.”

Otto created to serve as the Consumer Reports for the wedding cake industry. “There’s no other website like it,” says Otto. The informational website invites brides to join a “wedding cake revolution” where they can be in complete control. Brides can find help with choosing a cake designer, preparing for a cake consultation, and understanding how designers price cakes.

Otto finds great comfort in brides who download The #1 Ultimate Bride’s Guide to Buying a Wedding Cake that is available on the site. The book offers a comprehensive question and answer section, as well as an easy-to-follow roadmap for choosing a first-class wedding cake designer and purchasing a cake at the right price. Otto describes this resource as a “living book” that he updates every 6 months with tips, advice, and current views from thousands of brides who take the site's surveys.

In addition to helping brides take control of the cake-buying process, directs brides to Gold Standard Wedding Cake Bakers who provide excellent services at fair prices. These are bakers who have adopted the website’s 2014 Code of Policies, Procedures, and Standards for Wedding Cake Designers.

Visit to learn more about how not to get ripped off by wedding cake designers, instantly download The #1 Ultimate Bride’s Guide to Buying a Wedding Cake.

Ed Otto ( responds to scores of emails received from the press release dated December 5, 2013:

Okay, alright...I know it's a scathing indictment of the wedding cake industry. But, I'm frustrated as hell. There are too many fly-by-night cake decorators who make wedding cakes as a hobby and pretend they are legitimate businesses. They are providing lousy customer service to brides who deserve better. It's hurting brides and making all of us look bad.

Let's face it, most brides have never gone through the process of getting married. They don't know the right way, or any way for that matter, for choosing a wedding cake baker. They're novices, which makes them susceptible to getting ripped off.

It's from their heart-breaking stories, I co-founded Our mission is to be an industry watch-dog and provide confidence for our brides and in our industry.

As an example, on our site we have a downloadable book called The #1 Ultimate Brides Guide to Buying a Wedding Cake. Brides tell us the "34 bakery buster questions" in the guide are a real eye-opener for choosing a wedding cake designer. It helps them weed out the real professionals from the imposters.

I can only hope out of the 135,000 downloads, it has saved brides countless tears, heartaches and millions of dollars.

Further, using research compiled in 2013 through, over 250 state or county licensed wedding cake artists in the US say they are receiving calls at record rates from brides who have been ripped-off by someone who was supposed to make their cake.

That is the exact reason I created a "You'll Love Your Wedding Cake $10,000 Guarantee" for my cake boutique. The written guarantee demonstrates our unwavering commitment to brides.

I've made it a objective to urge reputable bakeries and cake boutique owners to follow suit. Unfortunately, most still refuse to offer any type of guarantee, because they're worried brides will take advantage of the guarantee by trying to collect under false pretenses.

To that I say, if a cake artist or bakery/cake boutique owner truly believes they're competent and confident...why wouldn't they be willing to stand behind their good name?

If you agree or disagree, I don't hide behind my kitchen door. So call me at 402-312-6655 or email with your opinion or for a further discussion.


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